Muse with Me: Library Woes of a Different Nature

In my previous library woes segment found here, I facetiously lamented about the injustice of the queue system. The queue system is and always will be something my library is completely incapable of controlling.. okay, fine my previous post was more of a rant.

Anyhow, I’m back with more library woes but this time it’s because I will be changing counties when my family and I move in two months. My current library system is totally in the know about which new releases to order for their shelves.

This other county, it’s questionable.

I’ve been to some of their libraries in the past and they were nice, but I have no idea if they’ll be ordering the final book in V.E. Schwab’s most recent trilogy or even the latest thriller. I’m sure they’ll have a page so I can make requests like my current system does. But I have no real clue what their current availability looks like, so I’m stressing out a little about this.


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