That’s a Wrap: April 2017

These monthly wrap-ups will include what I’ve been reading, listening to (audiobooks ftw!), watching and a little personal update (if applicable).

The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas – I won’t finish this in time to have a review ready. So far, though, this has proven to be a quick, but not easy, read. That probably doesn’t make sense. I’ll try to form coherent sentences for my official review.

Listening To:
Walk the Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson (my review) – Made it 6/10ths of the way through before I had to return it so I’m actually finishing it in ebook. Love it!
 Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor – I have a new thing that I have started to do that has been working for me.. I don’t pre-determine what I will listen to next. I borrow a 1 to 3 on Overdrive, then have a listen and return the ones that do not capture my attention in the first 30 minutes. This title was one of two in the running and I was pleasantly surprised to laugh within the first 20 minutes!

Thirteen Reasons Why – I didn’t plan to watch this. I just decided to give it a try one evening. It’s gut-wrenching to consider. Also, may I add, what an important show?! I know there have been iffy reviews, and yes, I can see their point of view, but I just don’t think it detracts from the important message that needs to be said. This is the world we live in and someone needs to say something to a massive audience.
 – Final Season of Grimm – I’m okay with how everything ended, but I’m still devastated it’s gone forever! I seriously loved this show.
Supernatural – I love this season! I love the new characters being introduced and all the fun the boys are having.

We moved. It was crazy, it’s still crazy finding time to unpack and whatnot, but it has been an enjoyable whirlwind. We couldn’t be happier in our new place.
 – Job stuffs is stressful af right now, but I still enjoy what I’m doing, where I’m working and with whom.
 – Started helping my uncle do balloons animals for his family entertainment business last weekend. I had a blast and I hope I get to do it again real soon.


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