That’s a Wrap: April 2017

These monthly wrap-ups will include what I’ve been reading, listening to (audiobooks ftw!), watching and a little personal update (if applicable).

Where did this month go?

Walk on Earth a Stranger – (my review)
The Hate You Give – Just started this one. It seems like a quick, but certainly not easy read.

Listening :
Walk on Earth a Stranger  by Rae Carson – I started this on audio and finished it in ebook format.
Daughter of Smoke and Bone – I’m almost halfway through. This one is weird but I think I like it. I’m definitely ready for Karou and Akiva to do more than fight each other.

– Pretty Little Liars is back! It’s the last season, finally and I’m ready. So so so excited to have this back in my life and if I’m being honest I;m ready to say goodbye to these girls and to A.
– Shows like The 100, Chicago Fire and Supernatural are back from their break so all is right with the world.

– We’re doing great unpacking, there’s still a couple of boxes unaccounted for, but so far so good. My son’s room is nearly complete and that makes me ecstatic. Ecstatic, I say!
– Got more responsibility given to me at work and my temp position becomes permanent next week. Good news but the new work is draining and never ending. I am hoping to catch up this week but I have no idea if I can actually make that happen. We shall see.


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