About the Nanny

mexWelcome to my little corner of the web!

I am a former nanny and lover of books. I have kept the moniker, though I do have a new name in the works. If I can ever find the time to change the name, I will let everyone on here know well in advance.

After graduating college I rediscovered my fondness for reading something other than a textbook and have been diligently reading my way through my Kindle, the local library, and various bookstores.

I review just about anything, including the back of cereal boxes. However, I do have my preferences and they are–Young Adult and its various sub-genres; Thrillers; Memoirs; Cooking- Related (ie, vegetarian, vegan themes) and Women’s Fiction.

I’m a mom now so that coupled with my years working in the private and public childcare sectors I also read/review children’s and middle-grade.

My reviews contain an in-depth character analysis and story development, pacing, as well as reader-interest.

This blog will consist of book reviews, blog tours, memes and random literary-themed posts.

Sure hope you enjoy reading and following my blog as much as I do.

A Nanny’s Literary Musings’ reviews are honest and solely my own opinion. I cross-post my reviews on my blog, Goodreads, and just recently Amazon!

Thank you for taking me into consideration. I look forward to sharing your hard work!
Tiffany aka The Nanny


Muse with Me

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