Brunch with a Good Book

Book Club

My good friend and sister-in-law, Kip, and her good friend, Joanie, and I started a book club. I changed their names for creative license 🙂 We took a break in 2016, but I am hoping to give this a go again for 2017, despite geographically each of us being a minimum of 45 minutes from one another now.

Our book club is very low stress. We take turns picking a book for the month with the only requirements being it must be available in audiobook format. Then we give ourselves three-four weeks to read the book and meet at a pre-determined brunch spot where we break out the book club questions and have at it.

The idea behind this page was I’d have a spot on my blog where I went over our book of the month and do a little summary of what we talked about during brunch as well as my own thoughts, most likely a condensed version of my actual review.



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