YOU are INVITED to A Nanny’s Literary Musings’ FIRST Book GIVEAWAY – US Residents ONLY At This Time

Presenting Jana Oliver’s Foretold (the UK Release), the final installment in her Demon Trapper’s Series


I have been absent for far too long from this blog and as such I wanted to do something special to announce my return to the blogosphere.  I’ve decided the best way to celebrate is to host my first ever giveaway. Every day for six days I will post anew content to the blog, as well as the link to where the Rafflecopter can be found (hint: on our Facebook page, so if you’re on FB and you haven’t liked our page, you might want to go ahead and do that.)

Back in May I ordered the final installment in the Demon Trappers’ Series by Jana Oliver from Amazon UK. Around the end of the July, I checked on my order and couldn’t find it. After stressing for a couple of days that I would have to wait until December to get my hands on the US release, I made the decision to purchase from the UK bookseller Waterstones. Boy was I surprised when my copy from Amazon UK showed up a couple of days before the copy I had ordered from Waterstones. LOL.

My mix-up is your gain, because I am giving away my second, never-read, only taken out of the packaging I received it in once to take a photo, copy of Foretold (UK) by Jana Oliver.

In case you were wondering, there are minor word differences, but I did not find it to hinder my comprehension of the book one bit. And really it was very sparingly I hardly noticed after I started reading.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Anyone with a Facebook and WordPress account! This giveaway is for US Residents only this time. If everything goes smoothly, the next one will be international.

WHAT: Foretold (UK Release) Giveaway (1 COPY)

WHEN: 12/3 – 12/8

WHERE: @ and

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Each day of the giveaway I will post new content and the link to the Rafflecopter posted on A Nanny’s Literary Musings Facebook Page. There are four ways to enter 1) post a comment anywhere on the A Nanny’s Literary Musings Blog (you can do this once a day), 2) Like A Nanny’s Literary Musings Facebook Page, 3)Follow us on Twitter, 4) Tweet about the giveaway (you can do this one once a day). You will be asked for your email address to verify your identity, as well as to give me a way to contact you, should you win.

WHY: Because I want to do something I haven’t done with my blog to reach my readers and any potential new readers.

DISCLAIMER: Your information will not be given to anyone else, nor use in any inappropriate manner. Your email address will only be used to contact you should you win.

For a look at my review, please go here.


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