Review/Grading Policy

My review policy is pretty standard.

I will review eARCs/ARCs, US/UK/AUS new releases, e-books, books that have been out a while, classics, book that I read when I was younger and recently re-read. Basically, whatever I can get my hands on or can download on my Kindle.

My reading interests include Young Adult and its sub-genres, New Adult, and memoirs. I’ll read almost anything, all you have to do is ask. I am not interested in reading poignant  novels for personal reasons.

My reviews initially were all over the place as I began this blog as a means to share my thoughts on what I was reading. As time has progressed my reviews are mostly character-centric with thoughts on pacing, cohesiveness and plot added in.

After my review I will post a grade alongside the review. The breakdown of my grading scale is below for clarity.


UPDATE: As of October 13, 2013, I have a grading policy that will be incorporated into each of my reviews for further clarification.

Means you rock and so does your book! I plan on re-reading this. I’ll buy extra copies to loan out just so others will read the awesome.

Means I really really liked your book, but I probably won’t re-read it anytime soon. I will recommend your book often.

Means I liked your book, most likely the plot and characters were captivating and kept me interested to the end. Depending on how much I liked your book, I may or may not recommend this book.

Means there were some good bits, but this was probably not the book for me. I’ll be sure to point out what I didn’t like because what doesn’t work for me might work for others.

Means I was unhappy with the book and I wouldn’t recommend it.


Authors who have further inquiry or wish to have me review their literature should email me at

Sincerely, The Nanny.


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