Stacking the Shelves and Week in Review


Stacking the Shelves by Tynga’s Reviews is a weekly meme where you get to share the books you’ve received recently. As usual book covers/hyperlinks will take you to their respective Goodreads’ page.

I didn’t do one last week. No matter, I only got one thing in the past two weeks. I mentioned it already in my teaser Tuesday post. During Bout of Books week before last, Kensington Books approved me for the galley Sacrifice through NetGalley, which made my week! By the time this post goes up I will have already finished reading it. I won’t be posting the review for a couple of weeks so it can go up closer to the publication date at the end of September.


Sacrifice by Brigid Kemmerer is the 5th and final book in the Elementals series. I’ve been following this series since the first book: Storm, came out. There has been tons of different story lines going on, as well as one major story arc, and this is where it all ends. I am already halfway through and it’s awesome. Sacrifice is everything you want in the last book of a series.


Week in Review

Monday… I mused about the awesome that is readathons

Tuesday… Top Ten and Teaser Tues Memes

Wednesday… What’s Up Wednesday and She is Not Invisible Review

Thursday… Thursday Thoughts on Social Media with SPN gifs!

Friday… I reviewed the Divergent trilogy that I marathoned back in March.


Sunday… Stacking the Shelves and Week in Review

The Nanny Reviews The Divergent Trilogy

I played with the idea of doing separate reviews but since I marathon-ed these books when the first movie came out back in March I decided that an overall review would be more appropriate. Plus, you know, everyone has said everything there is say about these books.

This will be a different kind of review arrangement for me, so please mind the spewing chaos. I grouped the major things I wanted to discuss and left room to talk about things individually and as a whole. I did the same thing with the ratings

divergent insurgent allegiant

Tris- For a YA heroine, I actually didn’t mind her. I liked seeing her grow and develop in the three novels, she just seemed to get stronger and stronger and I really liked that.

Four- I liked him in Divergent and I liked him at the end of Allegiant, but the rest of the time I was trying to figure out where the dude from the first novel went. His character changed so much from Divergent he became unrecognizable. When I say change, I don’t mean in a good way. How he was portrayed for the majority of Allegiant for example made me want to smack him.

Christina- I love this girl. She was an excellent secondary character. Forget Four I want a novella in her POV!

Peter-Okay so in Divergent I would have gladly seen this character bite the dust. But he grew on me and while he was deeply flawed, I could see there was a part of him that didn’t want to be like that which redeemed him a bit.

Tertiary Characters (ie. Caleb, Marcus, Evelyn, Zeke, Mariah, Shauna, Uriah, etc) – I really enjoyed meeting these characters, getting to know them and spending time with them in these books. Yes, okay, Caleb is more of a secondary character but ugh I would rather not waste time talking about him. Caleb is second to Four as far as characters where I have no idea what happened to him and I just can’t be made to care.

Individual Book Thoughts
Divergent-My favorite book in the trilogy by far! I loved the world building, meeting the characters, events that took place. Just a big ol’ heart around this one. I thought the pacing was really good here, as well. Note: I read this one last!
Individual Rating–5 out of 5

Insurgent-This book I was excited to read. I actually read this first because I had just watched the movie and I wanted to know what happened next! I liked learning about the other factions, going to their sectors and really delving into them. That was probably my favorite part of this book TBH. I thought the pacing was a mixed bag, there were some great areas and others that could have moved along or been taken out entirely.
Individual Rating–4 out of 5

Allegiant- I’ll keep this short. I did not like the genetic explanations, nor the pacing. I didn’t like revisiting the distrust issues among the characters that we already dealt with in Insurgent. I read this book just to finish this series and know how it all ended. My favorite part was probably the epilogue and how it all came back to something that was fundamentally Dauntless, where the story started.
Individual Rating–3 out of 5

Summary of Thoughts
This was one heck of a series. I didn’t hate it. I had some issues with a couple of characters, yes. There were some explanations I thought took away from the series, obviously. All and all, it wasn’t bad. There was a lot of things I really liked, most of the characters for example. Also, the world building was so fun!

I’d most likely read more from this author. I would recommend the first book only. I’d tell whoever wanted to read the trilogy to read the first one and not to bother with the next two. Harsh? Maybe, but other than Allegiant’s epilogue I didn’t particularly enjoy anything in the sequels.
Series Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Thursday Thoughts: Social Media Prowess

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts is hosted over at Ok, Let’s Read by Ashley. Each week Ashley presents a bookish topic for everyone to share their thoughts on. I was excited to find this meme because I can’t always come up with a discussion point every week on my own, now I don’t have to.

This week’s topic is: The Power of Social Media

 Have you ever connected with an author through social media? Do you think it’s important to have things like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as a blogger, reviewer or author? Why or why not? How do you think social media has progressed and changed the bookish world in recent years? And, now for a fun question: Are there any authors who’s Twitter feed you just can’t get enough of?

Funny thing, I mentioned this on Tuesday, kinda. spn redhead dancin

I’ve connected with a handful of authors through social media platforms. I would have probably made many more connections at this point, but I don’t tend to comment or post that often on social media. I keep up with Facebook and Instagram and I skim Twitter regularly, but I keep my own interaction few and far between.

I do think social media is an excellent medium for people to connect over. However, there is a line, in my Communication courses we talked about parasocial behavior, which is the on the extreme side of the spectrum I’ll admit. If you’re not familiar, parasocial behavior is basically when people think they know the celebrity, like know know them. That because they see them on Twitter, interacted maybe or whatever they’re best buddies. I always found that topic in class really interesting when it came up.

There is a ton of good though. On the authors side they’re getting their readers pumped for the latest work, or fielding questions, sharing teasers, etc. The authors that do this and do this well know what’s up. They know that keeping in touch with their readers is crucial to success in this world we live in. For bloggers and reviewers, it’s a chance to ask questions and peek behind the curtain, if you will, into the author’s world. Building relationships works both ways and with the emergence of social media it’s easier now than it ever was to connect.

I’d say the progression of social media is still in its infancy. We’ve only just tapped into what social media can do for us. As time goes on, as technology improves, as updates are made, we’re really going to see a whole new way to connect. The bookish world has changed due to social media by being less of that stoic, gray building with no windows into something that is fluid and colorful with lots of natural light.

roup jumpSocial media is changing the world we live in and most is for the better, but there still needs to be an awareness. People need to go into social media with their eyes open. (This is what happens when you take too many Communication courses; social media paranoia is a real thing, LOL. :D )

Alright, your turn. What do you think? Are you excited about social media in the bookish world? Or are you like me and remain cautious?

The Nanny Reviews She Is Not Invisible

she is not invisibleTitle: She Is Not Invisible

Author: Marcus Sedgwick

Source: On Loan from Library

Edition: Hardcover

Genre: Mystery, Young Adult

Publisher: Roaring Brook Press

Published Date: April 22nd, 2014

My Rating: 3parachutes


From Goodreads:

Laureth Peak’s father has taught her to look for recurring events, patterns, and numbers – a skill at which she’s remarkably talented.

Her secret: she is blind.

But when her father goes missing, Laureth and her 7-year-old brother Benjamin are thrust into a mystery that takes them to New York City where surviving will take all her skill at spotting the amazing, shocking, and sometimes dangerous connections in a world full of darkness.

She Is Not Invisible is an intricate puzzle of a novel that sheds a light on the delicate ties that bind people to each other.


Dates Read: July 3-4, 2014

My Review:

Have you ever read a book that made you not want to read? No, I don’t mean like that. I mean put down the book and pick up the pen? Yeah, like that.

She Is Not Invisible (SINI) is written in a way that made me want to write again, an art form I thought was lost to me. I’m not sure what it says about the author, Marcus Sedgwick, but I’d like to think it says something pretty amazing.

SINI begins at the London airport, where Laureth, her 7-year-old brother, Benjamin, and his stuffed best friend, Stanley the bat, are all on their way to New York to find their dad, who Laureth believes something untoward has happened to.

I had an issue when I realized she was blind, only 16, and taking her brother out of the country without her parent’s knowledge. My issue stemmed from years as a child care provider and a displaced New Yorker currently residing on the Bible belt. I was very concerned for these two and their well-being. Thankfully, it was not that kind of book and nothing too damaging occurred.

The relationship between Laureth and her brother was very compelling. They made an excellent duo. I really joyed their dynamic. They were so sweet.

SINI is a quick read, the plot only had maybe one occasion where I thought it fell into a lull. Otherwise, someone can easily read this one afternoon in one sitting and have no problem finishing it.

The writing was my favorite part about this book. I liked it so much I reserved another by this author without knowing what it’s about first. :)

I’d recommend this to people who enjoy quick, light mysteries about family and what matters most. Also, to folks who like reading young adults where the narrator isn’t your typical teen. I very much enjoyed reading something where the narrator was blind and how they went about this adventure and how it was different from that a seeing person’s.

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What’s Up Wednesday

Okay, so I find myself kind of hilarious sometimes. This is one of those times. While I was sitting at my computer just now, I was like I want to add a weekly check in kind of post to my blog. I was playing with names  like you do and then to make sure it was unique I took to the cloud! Turns out the name I was thinking about using is already in use. Guess what guys? That is so totally fine by me. Because I was so excited to find What’s Up Wednesday @! This blog hop is exactly along the lines of what I’d been thinking about, but so much better! Also, I love her website and I LOVE the buttons she created for WUW.


What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly blog hop hosted by Jamie-Morrow and ErinlFunk where you use the headings below to talk about what’s up. :) If you want to participate and I hope you do, please check out the info page here: What’s Up Wednesday

I noticed this blog hop is also reaching out to writers. I used to dabble, but I haven’t really made much time for writing anymore. It’s something I’d like to start doing again, but until then I’ll probably leave that heading blank.

Also, just a heads up. I really like doing reviews on Wednesdays so I plan to keep posting them. However, that means double posts on Wednesdays now that I’m participating in this blog hop. Some weeks I might not have a review to post. Some weeks I might not want to participate in the blog hop. What this means is sometimes there will be two posts on Wednesdays, sometimes there will only be one. I hope that gels with everybody because I’m super excited about participating in WUW!

And so it begins…


I’m reading a lot this week. Well I’m trying to make up for last week’s lack of reading. I have plans to finish Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout and Sacrifice by Brigid Kemmerer. Ending two series in one week, what am I thinking?! I also need to read and return to the library Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz



At this moment I’m inspired by Outlander LOL I just caught up with the three episodes on Starz and I can’t stop thinking about it. I would totally tackle the tomes if they weren’t so big. So I’m watching and from what I hear they’re staying pretty true to the books so far? Then again it’s early, plenty of time to change it up!


Well, I participated in Bout of Books last week. True Blood finale, the whole final season actually, was lame-o! Suits summer finale on the other hand was effin-a! Rookie Blue had a nice finale, too. I like the set-up for next season, minus the re-emergence of Marlo. I like her character and I’m glad to have her back, just not too excited about the why.

Oh and I went on three interviews, one with a temp agency, two at two different companies. The temp lady was great and I for-see us working together to get me into a job real soon.

The last two interviews were on the same day within an hour of each other. I didn’t get the first one and while I won’t know for sure about the second one until Friday I don’t think I got that one either. I’m bummed because the second one was an awesome opportunity and really close to home. I’d finally have a job with a less than a 10 minute commute, something I haven’t had since 04-05.

But I need to look on the bright side. My interview skills were very rusty and if nothing else I got a good bit of interview experience. Going back to the temp agency this week and hopefully can schedule a couple more interviews before my husband and I go out-of-town for the holiday weekend.

Okay, your turn! Tell me what you guys got going on this week!